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Welcome to - a collection of resources and articles aimed at educating new and experienced investors in the world of precious metals: specifically silver. To start learning, click the button below. If you are ready to buy silver bullion, visit who offers physical silver products at some of the lowest prices online.

The Most Common Brands of Silver Bars

Johnson Matthey

1 oz Johnson Matthey Bar
10 oz Johnson Matthey Bar
100 oz Johnson Matthey Bar


1 oz SilverTowne Bar
10 oz SilverTowne Bar
100 oz SilverTowne Bar


1 oz Engelhard Bar
10 oz Engelhard Bar
100 oz Engelhard Bar

NTR Metals

1 oz NTR Bar
10 oz NTR Bar
100 oz NTR Bar

Other Types Of Silver Bullion Available for Purchase

Besides silver bars, investors have many other choices when buying physical silver. Above we have linked to pages detailing silver rounds, which are essentially the same as silver bars, but shaped in disc-form, as well as silver coins, which are produced by Government mints and typically carry a face value. Each of these forms of silver offer unique advantages and disadvantages, which are extensively discussed in our What Silver to Buy article.

The Complete Guide to Buying Silver

Above are links to the individual pages of our Guide, which covers every aspect of investing in physical and paper silver. By reading these guides, you will learn about dollar cost averaging, physical vs paper silver investments, buying online as well as locally, and more. Please contact us should you feel any information is missing or could be added. Latest News And Updates

September 24th, 2014

September 24th Midweek Silver Market Update

After performing decently through the first few days of the week, precious metals spot values have spent much of the day on Wednesday moving sideways to slightly lower. With a positive US housing report on the table today, it should come as no surprise that equities... Read more

September 17th, 2014

September 17th Midweek Silver Market Update

The spot values of gold and silver are moving sideways today, but have performed decently through the first two days of the week. As you probably are well-aware by this point, the Federal Open Market Committee's latest meeting is scheduled to wrap up today, and the... Read more

September 10th, 2014

September 10th Midweek Silver Market Update

Precious metals spot values are mixed to slightly lower during the early morning hours of Wednesday, pressured once again by the activity going on in currency markets. This week has thus far proven to be a good bit slower than expected, and that fact alone has weighed... Read more