Heraeus Precious Metals Trading began working with suppliers trading in precious metals back in the 19th century. By 1971, Heraeus Precious Metals Trading, then known as the Heraeus Holding Company, conducted precious metals trading as a legal entity, and today has a global presence in Hanua, Germany, New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. These locations serve to manage product divisions and assist with customer service. They also include preparation of precious metal products.

Haraeus History and Products

The Hanua in Hesse location in Germany is the more important plant for processing precious metals, and Heraeus has been carrying on industrial processing there for over 150 years. Needing a location in the United States, Heraeus established their own trading company in Manhattan, New York, in 1990. Heraeus Precious Metals Trading has a long history in Germany and has been family-owned for over 160 years. It is estimated that by 2008, Heraeus was processing and distributed 350-400 tons of gold and 350 tons of silver per year.


Heraeus Precious Metals Trading silver bars are a great option for investors. Their reputation for purity, accurate weight, and high quality artisanship makes them highly sought after in the retail and wholesale markets. Heraeus is part of the production and minting of all their precious metal products from when it is mined to the actual finished bullion.

Their silver bars are created in weights from 1 oz. up to 5,000-gram bullion bars. Heraeus Precious Metals Trading silver bars aren’t purchased for artistic value or collectability, but more often they are purchased by investors wishing to diversify their financial portfolio or who want protect their hard earned money in the case of a financial collapse around the world.

Services and Reputation

Silver bullion cannot be bought directly from Heraeus. They supply bars to banks, savings banks, and precious metal dealers. Silver bars can be bought from online dealers, Ebay, at local precious metal dealers, through estate sales, and more. They are clearly marked with the Heraeus Precious Metals Trading logo, and the Heraeus name is repeated in a pattern on the reverse of each silver bar.

Heraeus Precious Metals Trading is an authorized London Bullion Market Association refinery, LBMA, which is a trade association headquartered in London that represents the world’s wholesale gold and silver market. They work with banks that hold gold and silver, private sector gold and silver investors, mining companies, refineries, mints, and production companies in the precious metal industry. There are more than 135 LBMA companies from 20 countries, and each member company is inspected on a regular basis for proper assaying and refiner practices and good trading standards.

To be a member of the LBMA, a precious metal company must partake in several activities such as brokering, trading, shipping, mining, refining, assaying, research, and storing. Individuals are not admitted for membership. Companies part of the LBMA are asked to inspect other companies that are not part of this prestigious organization. Because Heraeus Precious Metals Trading must abide by the strict regulations of the LBMA, this carries over to their production of bullion. This is an important reason that investors prefer buying silver bars produced by Heraeus.