OPM Metals, Ohio Precious Metals, LLC, is located in Jackson, Ohio, and is the largest precious metals refiner in the United States. OPM boasts a superior 168,000 square foot facility that allows them to offer many services to the precious metals industry, all under one umbrella.

OPM History and Services

This plant is the center of ‘green’ refining, and OPM offers many good delivery gold and silver products to commercial clients. OPM is certified as a Responsible Source Refinery mostly attributable to their acquisition of metals from recyclable sources. They are also certified as Conflict-Free, and these certifications are the earmark of their business.

OPM is a full-service refinery offering high-grade refining to organizations such as banks, pawnbrokers, coin dealers, collectors, and financial institutions. They offer low-grade refinery services for subpar metals that contain less concentration of pure metals and process it to create the purest possible gold and silver for bullion production.

OPM offers high quality silver bullion bars made with .999 pure silver in 1 oz, 10 oz , 1 kg, and 100 oz silver bars. These silver bars are investor quality, and OPM even offers on-site storage. OPM silver bullion bars are IRA acceptable for financial portfolio diversity.

NTR Merger

In 2012, NTR Metals, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, merged with OPM. This merger provides additional opportunity for consumers to purchase bullion bars and products at an even greater savings. The full services of NTR Metals combined with the industry experience of OPM, allows silver and other precious metals bullion to be offered at the lowest possible cost.

NTR has extensive marketing and networking capabilities to come along side OPM and propel their recycled and “green” bullion further into the precious metals market. The appeal of ‘Going Green’ in the production of bullion makes investing in OPM products even more desirable.

Silver bullion products from OPM include silver bars made from recycled silver, such as their 1 Troy ounce .999 silver bar. These bars are now minted by NTR, but the silver is provided by OPM. Each bar has the OPM simple logo on one side with the weight and purity and a small mushroom embossed on the lower right. The reverse has the universal recycled symbol with the guaranty it is a recycled product. This combination of .999 pure silver bars that are produced with recycled silver is a universal jump for bullion production and the efforts to Go Green.


New OPM silver bars can be purchased in plastic packaging that protects the bar from oxidation and damage. Silver bars can be purchased individually, or in a sheet of ten bars. Older silver bars from OPM will be found individually without packaging and may not be as aesthetically appealing, but they still carry the OPM hallmark and are guaranteed to be .999 pure silver.

These silver bars sell for a lower premium than other silver bars, which makes them a great choice for investment purposes. As always, silver bars with the minted mark of OPM or any other well-known bullion production company, makes the silver bars liquid when the need arises to use them for cash or trade.