PAMP Suisse, a leading manufacturer of precious metal products in Ticino, Switzerland, is known for superior artistry and highest quality metal products. PAMP is an acronym for Artistic Products of Precious Metals, (Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux) and the company is a present-day leader of gold, silver, and platinum bullion production.

PAMP Suisse History and Services

Since being established in 1977, PAMP Suisse has earned dominant positions among major precious metal markets around the world. In 1981, PAMP was acquired by a world leader of precious metals and foreign exchange, MKS Finance, S.A. This proved to be a profitable alignment, and by 1984 a larger refinery was built.

PAMP Suisse silver bullion bars feature the “Fortuna” portrait with a cornucopia found on many of the company’s additional bullion products. The reverse side includes the weight, purity, and PAMP logo. Fortuna was a goddess in Roman Mythology who represented fortune, thus tying into the design of the bars.

A PAMP Suisse Silver Bar

A PAMP Suisse Silver Bar

PAMP Suisse mints bullion coins, blanks, and bars in many shapes, weights, and sizes. PAMP also manufactures precious metal products such as wire, plate, strip, and rods used in making watches and creating jewelry. Many institutions purchase precious metal products from PAMP including banks, financial institutions, governments, and Government mints from around the world. All their precious metals are of the highest standards and purity.

PAMP Suisse Bullion

There are quite a few new and innovative products and services that PAMP is responsible for:

  • They are the first precious metal manufacturer to create sealed packages for smaller bullion bars. Their packaging, CertiPAMP™, creates an airtight seal to protect bullion bars and include a certificate of authenticity.
  • They are also the first refinery to produce bars and pendants that include colorization and created the industry’s first secure system of holographic features within bars. This is incorporated with each bullion bar and works to prevent counterfeit distribution ad sales.

Staying with the creativity of this company, artists create beautiful design on the PAMP silver billion bars. They’ve even designed silver bars that can be worn as pendants! One particular 10-gram PAMP silver bar, minted with .999 pure silver, is adorned with an elegant Birch Tree design.

Their silver bar ‘pendants’ come packaged in exquisite black boxes and sealed with their CertiPAMP™ packaging. Each pendant includes a satin cord for easy wearing. Another 10-gram PAMP Silver bullion bar is embellished with calming river stones, creating a smooth design and comes as a pendant also in the same packaging.

In 2012, PAMP produced brand new silver bars that are minted with a fierce dragon that surrounds a pillar. These 2012 Year of the Dragon silver bars are beautiful and collectable. The Year of the Dragon design is burnished on both sides of this silver bar, and this piece immediately became a classic.

PAMP produces a 1000-gram silver bar with the Fortuna design, and this 1-kilo silver bar is very difficult to acquire. The bar is 2 inches wide, 4.65 inches tall, and .43 inches thick. Silver bullion from PAMP carries a long-term reputation that provides investors with solid additions to their financial portfolio.