Investing in silver bullion is an effective way to protect assets in the economic times ahead. Silver bars have many advantages over other types of physical silver – they are easy to store, economical to purchase, can preserve hard-earned savings, and remain liquid. Silver bars provide a great addition to any financial portfolio—small or large.

Scottsdale Mint History and Services

A trustworthy source for silver bars, Scottsdale Mint located in Scottsdale, Arizona, produces exceptional silver bullion and maintains a strict policy of manufacturing only the highest quality bullion. All their bullion products must pass stringent standards for purity, weight, quality, and artisanship. Scottsdale Mint sells their bullion to the public and private investors through their website, and is a supplier for precious metal dealers around the world. They do not have an open storefront at their facility due to security measures.

Scottsdale Mint has a selection of ‘green’ bullion that is produced from scrap metals obtained from the photography and manufacturing industry. These practices of recycling metals and creating .999 pure bullion are emerging in the precious metal industry, as the world is made aware of the sustainability crisis. These bars are processed down and the remaining pure metal always meets the ASTM purity standards and at times, exceeds the accepted levels. These bars support recycling efforts and lower the impact of mining for new materials.

Products and Premiums

Silver bullion products from the Scottsdale Mint are known as being branded under Scottsdale Silver, and this branding is word-recognized in the silver bar arena. The majority of Scottsdale Silver bullion is eligible for use in IRAs, and are reputable investment bars for any financial portfolio. Scottsdale Mint sells many other brands of precious metal bullion and they guarantee the authenticity and purity of all their products.


Scottsdale Silver bars gain the highest premiums and maintain the same value when they are resold. One of their most famous silver bars is their 10-ounce silver bar, which are machined with detailed precision, and have been fondly nicknamed the ‘Stacker’ because of their interlocking beveled edges.

The Scottsdale Silver logo is stamped on the surface and the reflective surface gives these silver bars a clean lined look. Each Stacker has a swirled pattern on the back to prevent forgery or counterfeit reproduction. The Stacker fits nicely in storage boxes or safe deposit vaults.

The Stacker silver bar is being reissued in 2013, and each bar has a unique serial number. The Stacker is 73mm x 41mm x 11.4mm and is adorned with the majestic Scottsdale Mint’s crowned lions head logo and its weight and purity. At the bottom is the inscription, “In God We Trust.” Scottsdale Mint had not produced these popular silver bars for some time, and these newly issued silver bars will be a welcome acquisition for many investors as well as collectors.

The Scottsdale Mint offers silver bars with beautiful designs and an exceptional finish that reflects light causing a rainbow effect. Some of their exquisite designs include the 5 ounce silver bar with an interpretive design of the Scottsdale Mint lion on the front and rough cut edges to embody the hunter and prey analogy. These silver bars are popular items and only one of many offerings from Scottsdale Mint.