As a full-service precious metals minting facility, the Sunshine Mint produces large amounts of precious metal blanks, coins, medallions, and bullion products. They are located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, an area rich in precious metals and one of the most prolific silver producing areas in the world. Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is part of the Northern Panhandle of Idaho, and there are many active mines in service in the region, allowing Sunshine access to massive supplies of raw ore.

Sunshine Mint History and Services

As one of the most highly respected private mints in the United States, Sunshine Minting is known for their beautiful silver bullion bars. Carrying the purest silver and accurate weights, these bars are well known to investors and go a step further in that they are attractively designed as well.

Silver bullion collectors are drawn to the attractive design each Sunshine Minting silver bar is embellished with and as a respected mint, Sunshine Minting bars provide buyer security. They are an excellent choice for silver IRAs and to diversify a financial portfolio, protecting investors from financial collapse. Sunshine Minting is also a primary source for gold and silver blanks for the United States Mint, further enhancing their reputation and position in the market.

Sunshine Minting provides silver bars with only slight markups or premiums over the current market spot price for silver, and as one of the most trusted mints in the industry, their silver bullion bars are easy to liquidate if the need comes up.

Products and Purities

Fine artwork lies upon each bar including the Sunshine Minting silver eagle logo on the front or topside with an eagle flying in front of the sun, wings spread out against the sun’s rays. ‘SILVER EAGLE’ is incorporated in the logo. Each bar carries the promise of “.999, FINE SILVER, 100 TROY OUNCES, SUNSHINE MINTING” inscribed on it. There are also exquisite etched designs on the back.


A carefully finished look reflects light much like a silver coin proof and makes a magnificent silver bullion bar. Each bar is sealed in a plastic casing to prevent oxidation or damage. Seasoned collectors and investors and new silver bullion enthusiasts find Sunshine Minting silver bars are an inexpensive way to invest in silver bullion.

Sunshine Minting silver bars are highly sought after and investors and collectors incorporate these silver bars into their stock of silver bullion not only for the value, but the added bonus of the bars’ popularity. Silver bars from Sunshine Minting come in 1 oz, 5 oz (less common among other minted silver bullion bars), 10 oz, 50 oz (also less common weight), and 100 oz weights.

Silver bullion bars from Sunshine Minting are a simple way to invest in precious metals and will strengthen the worth of a financial portfolio. They can also be purchased as an addition to most IRAs and are easy to collect and store. The advantage of purchasing silver bars minted at Sunshine Minting includes a reputation for high quality and an ability to sell these bars when needed with no question as to their authenticity.