Bullion coins bought and sold for prices over the spot price of silver, are best authenticated when graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or better known as the NGC. The NGC was established in 1987 as a coin grading service, and is now the leading third-party coin grading organization in the world. Their reputation enables bullion coins and collectable coins to be bought and sold with the assurance of their quality, purity, and authentication. The NGC is part of several other affiliated companies: The Paper Money Guaranty, Comic Guaranty Corporation, and others.

The NGC Grading Process

NGC certified graders have graded more than 25 million coins since they began operations. Their representatives are skilled teams who are capable of grading some of the world’s most valuable coins. NGC offers consistent and the most accurate grading, and with high standards set for their services and representatives, they have fortified stability within the rare and valuable coin industry and marketplace. The NGC remains separate from the precious coin market as an evaluating agency only, and does not partake in any buying or selling of coins.

Dr. William Sheldon, a reputable numismatist, in 1948 developed a standard coin grading scale known as the Sheldon Scale. His scale ranged from 1 to 70, and was much improved over simple designations as good or fine. Alphanumeric values provided detailed analysis of coins, but too much opinion among untrained graders could mean a difference of thousands of dollars worth. Once the NGC was established, this grading process was sealed by professional monitoring to ensure accuracy.

A NGC Graded American Silver Eagle

A NGC Graded American Silver Eagle

When coins are graded, at least two professional and knowledgeable numismatists are required to examine and grade each coin. These graders cannot be part of buying and selling coins to maintain integrity and impartiality. Coins are inspected and examined by one grader at a time and they enter the grade into NGC’s system. The other graded then performs the same inspection and the grades are compared and discussed.

Neither grader has any interest in skewing the grade of the coin to benefit a sale or purchase. Thus, the grade remains unsolicited and promotes accuracy. Once the grading is completed and the grade remains satisfactory to the NGC, the coin is sealed in a holder made of special materials. The sonically sealed packaging does not affect the coin and will protect it from outside elements that can degrade it.

Coins are graded by the NGC when submitted by an NGC authorized coin dealer. The coins are initially reviewed by the dealer and then they will suggest an appropriate grading package for customer’s submission. These dealers will also assist in initial values of the coinage and suggest appropriate insurance.

There are several tiers and grading packages with the NGC and authorized dealers normally save customers money is advising them of the best package. NGC authorized dealers must meet particular specifications to become authorized and will be able to offer expert advice and information to coin collectors. In addition, when dealers submit coins to the NGC through the dealer submission system, your coins are more secure and will be graded and returned quicker.

The NGC has long established efficient and professional coin grading standards. With global office in many countries, they will continue to serve the coin collecting community around the world.